YouTube abuse and the need for statutory regulation: Victoria Derbyshire and Channel 4 News

There has been lots of coverage of the use of YouTube by paedophiles making abusive and sexual comments about children in videos and sometimes encouraging children to take harmful actions (like sit on each others’ faces) for their own sexual gratification.

These comments are repulsive and clearly against YouTube’s own policies, but those policies don’t seem to be enforced. YouTube’s own “Trusted Flaggers” have been reporting these comments for months, with virtually no action taken until the media got involved.

I went on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, Sky News and Channel 4 News to talk about this on 24 November.

This cavalier attitude to child safety shows that the internet companies can’t be trusted to make their own homework any longer. They are not taking the needs of children seriously and they must be forced to, by the Government.

We’ve been arguing that the Internet companies should be forced to sign up to a statutory code of practice, to make sure that their services are safe for children to use.


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